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Everything you need to quit for good

Ready to stop smoking? If you have a phone, we’re ready for you. iPhone users can easily download our Call it Quits app for free, and all other smartphone users can access our here. Both versions give you everything you need to quit today for good and provide you convenient access to:

  • Helpful tips to instantly kick a craving
  • Quit Coaches for free advice and cessation resources
  • Goal tracking to keep you on track and celebrate your success

The support you need to stop. Anytime you want. Anywhere you go.

Take control of quitting with our Call it Quits app (iPhone) or our Web-based mobile experience (all other smartphones)—both now available here for free. Simply download the app from iTunes or to get started on your smoke-free path today!

Call a Quit Coach for Real, Live Support

Get real, complimentary phone-based smoking cessation assistance from live Quit Coaches—some of whom are former smokers themselves. Just call any time for personalized quit plans and advice to help keep you on track and on target.

Call the ASHLine now
1 (800) 55-66-222

Access Hundreds of Tips to Kick Cravings

Kick a craving immediately with quick, easy and convenient smoking alternatives. “Favorite” a pre-loaded tip to see it more often, or add your own for extra motivation to resist even the strongest urges.

Set Goals to Stay Smoke—Free

Stop smoking at your own pace by setting realistic, attainable goals that keep your motivation high and your focus strong. Check completed goals off your to-do list after you complete them, and receive alerts when deadlines approach.

Remember Why You Want to Quit

Everyone has reasons for wanting to quit smoking. Some do it for health, others for family or loved ones. Tell us why you want to quit in the first place, and Call it Quits will automatically send you motivational messages, reminders, alerts, and pictures when you need them the most.

Call it Quits Today. Stay Quit Tomorrow.

From tips to kick cravings to instant Quit Coach access and daily progress reports, Call it Quits gives you everything you need to stop smoking today. Download the iPhone app from iTunes or to get started right now. You can quit, and Call it Quits can help.